Cajun Menu
ENTREES Better than Bubba Gump’s One big plate of shrimp, crab legs, crawfish, smoked sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob all boiled and steamed in cajun spices. $18.00 Hot Jambalaya! A Cajun classic, our jambalaya is made with chicken, smoked sausage, bell pepper, species, and ham. $15 small platter; $25 large platter. Sucio Arroz A mix of chicken liver, gizzards, pork, bell peppers, onions and a lotta spices. Also known as “Rice Dressing.” $12.00 Rice and Red Beans, Please A spicy, zesty blend if three different types of beans mixed with smoked sausage. $10.00 Also available as a side dish $5.00. Smother me, Sugar, and this Relationship’s Done Our special Etouffee' (smothered Creole gumbo) served in a dark buttery sauce with your choice of either crawfish, shrimp, or heck, have both. $18.00 Have Some Gumbo, Dumbo Our world-famous Dark Gumbo is served with fish and shrimp over brown rice. $16.00 Holy Shrimp! Okay, nowhere in the Bible is there any shrimp Creole. But eating ours is certainly a life-changing experience. Our shrimp Creole is tomato-based and served with lotsa shrimp. $15.00 I Smell Something Fishy… Blackened Fish--fish lightly grilled and blackened. Served with jambalaya. $18.00 Better Than Your Mama’s Chili Our award-winning Chili con carne comes with either beef or pork and is blended with tomato, onions, beans, and brown sugar. We also have a vegetarian chili available. $15.00 Pass the Pig, Please Boudin is a type of sausage made from pork, pork liver, rice, garlic and onions, and other types of spices. Our Boudin is stuffed in a natural casing and has a softer consistency than other more well-known sausage varieties. Heck, we’re allowed to brag. Served with side dishes such as rice dressing, or bread. $16.00 More Gumbo Jumbo Gumbos are Cajun soups flavored with foods native of Native America and Africa. The Native Americans and African had a major influence on Cajun food. Our vegetable flavored Gumbo is a popular choice here at The Singing Crab. $6.00 Crabby Crabby Cajun-Spiced Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich is served with Yellow Pepper and Caper Aioli. $14.00 SIDES Sides…All sides are $3.00. If ordered as a meal/larger portion, $6.00 • Potato, almost always served with gumbo, and usually in it (generally plain, i.e. egg, potato, and mayo solely) • Corn Mush • Boiled crawfish (boiled with cayenne and salt, not sprinkled on after) • Tasso (spicy smoked pork used primarily for seasoning) • Crawfish etoufée • Crawfish bisque (crawfish stew with small quenelles of crawfish stuffed into the head section of the crawfish shell) • Shrimp or Alligator Sauce Piquante • Cochon de Lait • Catfish Courtboullion • Fried Frog Legs • Beignets & Powdered Bread • Pralines, most often made with pecans • Tarte à la Bouillie (sweet-dough custard tarts) • Tabasco Sauce - a popular hot sauce produced in the Cajun Heartland • Macaroni and Cheese • Quesadillas; Cheese or Chicken • Crawfish pie • Apple pie • Mini Chimichangas • Rancheros • Taquitos • Skillet cornbread • Maque Choux • Sassafrass Leaves